Move into Being

      experience greater & greater degrees of freedom

Movement is Where it all starts!

Infants learn and grow through movement. Coordination, feeling and intelligence move into being, as infants move and make sense of their world.  As adults, moving the body, breath and mind with attention is what creates new patterns of feeling, thought and even no-thought, which in turn, create more freedom and new possibilities.

Move the body.  Move the breath.  Move the attention of the mind.
Create new possibilities.

You can expect These benefits

Experience Safety

by becoming aware of and trusting your organic intelligence.

Experience Capacity

and be able to have healthy control of you and your world.

Experience Coherence

in your sense of self, environment and social relationships.

Eliminate or Reduce Pain

and discomfort from a variety of chronic conditions and illnesses.

Regain Lost Movement

as you recover from injury or slow down, and even reverse, the aging process.

Enjoy More Pleasure

ease & effortlessness in the movements of daily activities, professional life and athletics.

Improve Health & Vitality

of all physiological systems, energy level and mental clarity.

Balance Emotions

and cycles of eating, working, playing, resting, learning and integrating.

Celebrate YOU !

your enthusiasm, and your unique (dare I say Divine) expression that you bring into the world!

Celebrating Results


It is amazing how all this is connected!  It's like each (experience) allows you to open a little door, and that leads you to the next discovery and the next door, and each one builds on the (previous).


This practice has been really integral in helping me to make the most opportunity during this time of taking shelter and dealing with the pandemic. It has enhanced my practice especially as it relates to the (negative emotions).


I was really, really surprised that the movement of the pelvis helped me to lift my arms. Because of my shoulder issue, it (the arm movement we did before the lesson) was difficult on my left side, and was definitely easier after. I never thought the simple pelvic movement would have anything to do with my shoulder, but here it is. I was very surprised and pleased at how good it felt afterwards!


Murshida is the reason I became a yoga teacher. Her yoga teaching healed me from both physical and mental distress. Her teaching has a deep spiritual core without being pretentious or too lofty. It is a spirituality that is very down to earth and accessible to anyone.


I notice after the practice, my body feels more relaxed, my mind also is more relaxed, and I'm not so attached to my thoughts.


I continued to feel in the resting periods, flatter to the ground and more evenly distributed in weight. I also experienced a big releasing and dropping of my jaw and whole side of my face, and a big, big releasing and deepening of my breath.

Choose your own Experiences

conversation, gentle movement, yogic technique and wisdom teachings to awaken to our True Nature

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Organic Intelligence®

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Feldenkrais® / ABM®

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Rudra Yoga® Practice

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Rudra Yoga® Study

2 Minds

One-on-One Sessions

5-year Rudra Yoga Program

      Learn to integrate formal yogic technique with practical life experience with our Karma Yoga Course.

Rudra Yoga awakens the power to digest, and be nourished by, every experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant, and to live every moment in a unified state. Receive step-by-step instruction and support!

  • Karma Yoga: Angelic Realms & Worlds of Light / Sep 6-12
  • Tantra Path / Dec 27 - Jan 2, 2025
  • Tao Yoga / March 21-27
  • Hatha Yoga II / Jun 12-18

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You Are Responsible Training

Learn about this unique opportunity ...

Move with Murshida

Move into Being

With your MEMBERSHIP . . .

Attend LIVE classes and receive regular feedback. Access all RECORDED classes and keep learning on your own time.  Attend Rudra Yoga 1-Day Courses. Access ongoing Discounts.

  • Unlimited Organic Intelligence Meditations 

  • Unlimited Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons 

  • Unlimited Rudra Yoga Practice & Study Classes

  • Rudra Yoga 1-Day Courses

  • 10% Discount Rudra Yoga multi-day Courses

  • 50% Discount for One-on-One Sessions in Organic Intelligence, Feldenkrais and Rudra Yoga.

Move with Murshida

Move into Being

With your MEMBERSHIP, attend LIVE classes and receive regular feedback; access all RECORDED classes and keep learning on your own time; access quarterly 1-Day Rudra Yoga Courses; and receive ongoing discounts for multi-day Courses and all One-on-One sessions.

  • Unlimited Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons 

  • Unlimited Rudra Yoga Practice & Study Classes

  • 1-Day Rudra Yoga Courses

  • 10% Discount for multi-day Rudra Yoga Courses

  • 50% Discount for One-on-One Sessions in Organic Intelligence and the other experiences

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