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Murshida Rudi Kadre

In the high mountain desert east of San Diego, California, a little town called Boulevard is my primary location, and a very special place at the end of the road is Liberty Arising, a healing sanctuary, that I call home.

I am an avid learner through movement and it’s connection to brain development, nervous system regulation, emotional well-being, and spiritual expansion.

I’m interested to share movement with you in such a way that you become more free in your experience and expression of  YOU in your life. I know we all have something valuable and unique to express and contribute, but if we’re bogged down by past events like physical pain, injury or illness, or emotional trauma, or we’re worried about our future because of limiting physical, emotional or mental conditions, then we really can’t be free to enjoy and show up to our life . . . so we need some kind of support.

The healing modalities of Organic Intelligence, the Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Methods and the Yogic Technique and Study of the great spiritual traditions are effective in bringing us into an open, clear, joyful and embodied relationship, first with ourselves and then with everything life brings. Through these windows of experience, we can move out of chaos, to more and more capacity, to coherence, where we can let go into effortless and pleasurable participation in our world. This third stage, I call the magic carpet ride, because it really feels just like that!

These modalities came to me at difficult times in my life. I trained, became certified and have many years of experience. I live what I learn, and I’m so grateful to be able to share what I've embodied with you, whether you sign up for a single class or join my membership!

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