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YOU ARE RESPONSIBLETRAINING We create our life and reality with our own mind. Moment to moment, we are either creating intentionally or unintentionally. What if we could create out of the vision of ourselves clear, complete, capable, creative and knowing? And what if through self-observation, we could discover and release any other thought, feeling or

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Rudra Yoga Program Courses Every March, June, September, December Name Please enter your name. Your Email Address Please enter a valid email address. Keep me informed Thanks for your interest in the Rudra Yoga Program! Please check your email and follow through to confirm your email. Something went wrong. Please check your entries and try

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Rudra Yoga Study

Rudra Yoga StudyDuration: 90 minutes / Price: $15 Take a moment out of the week to try on a new perspective based on the ancient wisdom of the great spiritual traditions. We begin with a short practice to settle our mind from the activities of the day, and then dive into the study, taking turns

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Rudra Yoga Practice

Rudra Yoga PracticeDuration: 1.5-2 hours / Price: $15 Moving through the various techniques in the expression of the ancient traditions of yoga gives us a new beginning, an opening, a fresh clarity with which to journey through life.  Rudra is the aspect of Lord Shiva in the Hindu religion and Hatha tradition who removes obstacles.

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Feldenkrais / ABM

Feldenkrais / ABMDuration: 60 minutes / Price: $15 Slow, gentle movement, while thinking through the bones and performed with attention to the details of how movement of one part effects the whole skeleton, helps all people feel better and move better in their bodies. We become more symmetrical in ability and ease. We are able

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Organic Intelligence

Organic IntelligenceDuration: 60 minutes / Price: $100 / packages available Organic Intelligence is offered as a One-on-One Session, and its principles are woven throughout Feldenkrais and Rudra Yoga classes. Working within a free-flowing conversation, we learn to change the ‘what’s wrong’ attention to orienting to what is likable and supportive, to building functional tools that

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