Individual sessions

2 Minds

One-on-One Session

Duration: 60 minutes / Price: $100 / packages available

I am available when you need personalized attention to look at specific issues that have to do with physical limitations, energy and mood instability, mental obstacles or overwhelming life events.  I'm also available when you are cultivating some new ability or new state of awareness, and you want support to ground a new way of being.  You may choose a singular experience to address your needs, or we can start with one and allow a flow where the  other modalities may be utilized to serve you in the best way.

Choose Your Experience

Organic Intelligence

  • Move beyond blocks and trauma to Self-regulation through the initial window of free-flow conversation.

Feldenkrais / ABM

  • Move beyond pain and limitation through intelligent movement of the bones with a nervous system.

Rudra Yoga

  • Clarify practice components, their purpose, and proper focus.
  • Receive alternative postures and movements suited to you.
  • Receive practices that are outside the group class practice to help you clear something or cultivate something.
  • Develop a Daily Practice

Who it's for

Anyone who wants to receive personal help with specific issues or questions.


Gain Confidence in your Healing & Growing

  • With specified understanding
  • With specific instructions and tools
  • With increased overall clarity 

Get unlimited access to all Live and Recorded classes

as well as ongoing Discounts for One-on-One Sessions and mulit-class Courses.

Schedule Your Session

Please email me your request with 2-3 workable dates and morning, afternoon or evening availability, so we can schedule your session.

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