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Organic Intelligence

Duration: 60 minutes / Price: $100 / packages available

Organic Intelligence is offered as a One-on-One Session, and its principles are woven throughout Feldenkrais and Rudra Yoga classes.

Working within a free-flowing conversation, we learn to change the 'what's wrong' attention to orienting to what is likable and supportive, to building functional tools that increase capacity, and as real safety is experienced from a regulated nervous system, we can let go to a more spontaneous, free-flowing participation in life. 

3 Phase Movement

Moving out of Chaos

  • Bringing our attention to the external environment when feeling out of control
  • Changing the 'what's wrong' attention to what is likable and supportive
  • Stabilizing in support and pleasure

Acquiring Capacity

  • Coming off of high intensity addictive behavior and reactions and gaining healthy control
  • Completing fight, flight and freeze patterns without digging in the past
  • Applying tools that keep one building capacity

Discovering Coherence

  • Retraining for nervous system rhythmicity
  • Feeling internal and external environments connected
  • Letting go of control to enjoy the moment
  • Flowing with life's surprises, because we are open and curious, and no longer unnecessarily protective.

Who it's for

People who benefit from this method may feel stuck or stopped by something emotional or mental, have trouble settling in new situations, are unable to navigate family or work issues, suffer psychologically from past physical or emotional trauma, struggle with addiction, have developed chronic illness or conditions such as auto-immune disorders, or have complex syndromal symptoms such as fibromyalgia and lupus.


Self-Regulation & Wholeness

  • Ability to recognize and access support from the environment
  • Ability to accurately access a friendly situation or a threatening one
  • Ability to function and make a valuable contribution
  • Ablility to appreciate and love oneself
  • Ability for healthy social engagement
  • Ability to show up to one's life

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