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Rudra Yoga Practice

Duration: 1.5-2 hours / Price: $15

Moving through the various techniques in the expression of the ancient traditions of yoga gives us a new beginning, an opening, a fresh clarity with which to journey through life.  Rudra is the aspect of Lord Shiva in the Hindu religion and Hatha tradition who removes obstacles.  Rudra Yoga is a way to remove our obstacles and live life fully, in being connected, alive, awake . . . and joyful, compassionate, creative.  It utilizes the practices and teachings of Hatha, Kundalini, Tao, Tibetan, Bon, Tantra and Sufi traditions that were born in the cultures of India, the Himalayas (Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal) and the Middle East.  Connecting to our spiritual inheritance instills in us our unity as humans possessing innate knowledge and having a collective responsibility to care for eachother, our living planet and all her creatures.

Yogic Technique

Connection / Guru Yoga

  • Purify External Space
  • Altar / Puja Offering
  • Connect to Lineage in Gratitude

Breathing / Pranayama

  • Purify Internal Space
  • 3 Primary Subtle Channels
  • Increase Life-force Energy

Posture & Movement / Asana

  • Purify & Strengthen the Physiological Systems
  • Open the Channels & Chakras
  • Meditation in Movement

Sound / Mantra

  • Purify Negative Mind
  • Refine and raise Frequencies
  • Open Heart to Source

Meditation / Dharana

  • Settle in / Orientation
  • Energy-Abide-Result
  • Increase Digestive Fire
  • Cease Doing & Letting BE

Who it's for

Rudra Yoga is for those looking for answers as to how to change personal habits, external situations and overall emotional distress; those who want to be in the flow of life, rather than tossed about by its waves; those who want to discover meaning and purpose in life; and those who want to awaken and sustain their consciousness through the experiences of (first) waking life, (then) dreaming, (and even through) deep dreamless sleep and dying.


Change Doing to Being

  • Be light and relaxed in moving, feeling and thinking.
  • Be connected to the spiritual roots and wisdom knowledge of our humanity.
  • Be internally still, quiet and contented, and generate welcome change to external conditions.
  • Be confident in following intuition or internal guidance.
  • Be at home in the grander scheme of the universe.
  • Be released into the exquisite Dance with Source.

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Choose your class date

Reference the Newsletter to learn about the specific components of the practice we will be doing in class. 

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