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Rudra Yoga Study

Duration: 90 minutes / Price: $15

Take a moment out of the week to try on a new perspective based on the ancient wisdom of the great spiritual traditions. We begin with a short practice to settle our mind from the activities of the day, and then dive into the study, taking turns reading from our own books. We stop frequently to reflect on what we have read and how it is relevant to our lives now. We share in hearty discussions, insights and confirmations from our own experiences.  The study follows and supports the tradition taken up in the current Rudra Yoga Course.  We are now working with Red Hawk's book, Self-Remembering, which speaks primarily from the Sufi 4th Way tradition and sites various references from many other traditions and teachers followed in Rudra Yoga.

Core Teachings of the Traditions

Foundation / Hatha / Kundalini 

  • Path of Beginner's Mind
  • Path of Breath, Posture & Mind
  • Path of Unlocking Energy

Tantra / Tao / Sufi 

  • Path of Transforming Obstacles into Ability
  • Path of Earth, Sky and Natural Cycles
  • Path of the Heart

Tibetan & Bon Buddhism / Shamanic Yoga

  • Path of Taming the Mind
  • Path of Being of Service
  • Path of Transformation
  • Path of Letting Be
  • Path of Awareness in Dream & Sleep
  • Path of Awareness in Death

Who it's for

Those who enjoy philosophy and using one's mind and concepts to understand the path, or the many paths to Enlightenment, or even what Enlightenment actually is or is not, will enjoy and benefit from this study group.


Cultivate an Open, Clear Mind

  • Experience Grounding through connecting to the spiritual roots of our planet.
  • Experience Unity by the oneness of the teachings, all pointing to the same understanding and realization of an awakened state of being.
  • Experience Wisdom in receiving a new perspective to understand our own internal struggles and how to move through.
  • Experience Hope in receiving a new perspective to understand our external, cultural and global struggles and how to move through.

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How to Know God


Translation and commentary by Swami Prabhavananda & Christopher Isherwood


Presented here are the yoga aphorisms or sutras of Patanjali. Somewhere between the 4th century BC and 4th century AD, Patanjali distilled the instruction in yoga to attain the state of UNION in a format which could be memorized and recited.  There are many commentaries on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and we will reference others as we study this teaching.

Meeting Title Host Start Date Timezone View
RY Study Murshida June 20, 2024 @ 5:30 pm America/Los_Angeles Details
RY Study Murshida June 27, 2024 @ 5:30 pm America/Los_Angeles Details

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Zen Mind Beginner's Mind

by Shunryu Suzuki 


Suzuki Roshi, as he is fondly known, presents priceless teachings for our formal meditation practice as well as everyday living and being in our natural state. Once we settle into our own body and mind, here and now, we find that everything has Buddha nature.

RY Study

Hosted By: Murshida
Start: June 20, 2024 @ 5:30 pm
Start: America/Los_Angeles
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RY Study

Hosted By: Murshida
Start: June 27, 2024 @ 5:30 pm
Start: America/Los_Angeles
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