Shamanic Chöd 6-Day Course

Shamanic Chöd 6-Day Course

Welcome to the fifth course in our Rudra Yoga Shamanic Tradition series. We will use the foundation knowledge and practices given in the Shamanic Intro Day Course, and continue developing the support practice of Zhang Zhung Trul Khor (magical movements) from our previous courses.


To receive the transmission of this practice, it is important that you support yourself with regular Shamanic sadhana to connect to the Lineage, take Refuge, develop Bodhicitta (compassion) and perform the yoga of Tsa (channels) - Lung (prana) - Tigle (quality) to clear the prana, clear the channels and chakras, and therefore clear the mind and emotions to hold and integrate the energy of this practice.

Therefore, it is recommended that you not skip around the classes in the course, but that you take each in turn in order to develop your understanding and build the practice properly.


Please reach out to me at anytime you wish to clarify a teaching or practice instruction, including how you might modify a movement to fit and safely expand your physical ability.


May you and those in your field receive multiple benefits from this endeavor!
Murshida Rudi Kadre

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